“the irony being that one of the reasons many writers have the urge to communicate to begin with is that they’ve experienced loneliness earlier in life and writing seems like a means to overcome it, to connect with others. a solitude imposed in youth becomes chosen in adulthood.”

adam haslett on lithub

to be honest, I’m at the point where the isolation is kind of killing me and I feel like I just want to be finished with the damn book so I can go back to a regular life with other people in an office who will talk to me about whatever so I don’t feel so goddamn isolated all the time, goddammit.

it truly is a paradoxical situation ’cause I can’t even make it to my writing group. why would I go when I can just stay home and write? (maybe write. maybe watch she-ra princess of power.) maybe I’ll go back to my MA in creative writing.

whatever though. I am going to finish this book no matter what. no matter if it’s horrible and I hate it and I almost die of loneliness. anyway, I read this piece by adam haslett on lithub, and was like, YES. yes. a million times yes. especially that line at the top of this post.


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