Do you consider yourself to be young? Still in your youth?

I think  that maybe that moment has passed for me.  Passed two weeks ago to be exact.

Two weeks ago my eldest son came to me laughing, saying there was a, “Really funny video you have to see on YouTube, Mum. With this guy, saying this thing.”

He’d just discovered Gary Coleman saying that line. You know, the one that everyone said all through school.

Two weeks ago I was sitting at a cafe in Bondi.  Next to me a trio of super lithe ladies with tangled hair and leggings-as-pants were smoking cigarettes and sniggering. “Did you see American Beauty on TV last night?” One of them squawked. “New favourite muhvie!” That was my favourite movie too, when I was about their age.

Two weeks ago  I happened upon a post on Instagram. I love Instagram. A young whippsnapperin’ hipster hairdresser had posted a still from a film he’d just discovered. The still was of Cher, Winona Ryder and a nine year-old Christina Ricci. Also my favourite movie when it was originally released. In 1990. Which I keep thinking was about 10 years ago.

Two weeks ago I realised that if the assessment of ‘my day’* having come and gone could be measured by the cultural norms of my youth having become quaint retro fancies of today’s youngins, then consider me measured.

Goodbye youth. You were ridiculously misspent.

*As in, “In my day we walked for five miles in the snow to get to school.”  Never mind that there is no snow here. Or imperial measurement.

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3 Responses to that would be the sound of my youth passing

  1. Lara says:

    Love it!
    But ahhhhemmmm, can I say you are far more beautiful & bodacious now without sounding like a complete & utter dork?!

    BTW who the heck wants to be that tortured age again!?!?
    No way, never, ever, ever man.
    I’ve waited for a long time to get here, and I’m gonna enjoy my right to be “the adult” now – & spell however I want, dress how i want, make love where i want, do what i want, eat lollies for dinner (done many a times), and just be the me I came here to be. Ahhh that feels better, ce liberation!

    Has my youth passed me by?
    For moi…hmmmm….non….I don’t feel young or old, I feel eternal. Sounds totally dicky I know, but it’s my honest to goodness truth. And let me tell you, it is the greatest anti-aging product – because now at 40, I seem to be regressing and becoming more connected, youthful, less serious, and most people think i am anywhere from 28 to 30 something! Gotta love that x
    Lets go life, we’ve only just begun!!!!

    Keep them coming Bron, you’re a sweet treat in my day (oh yum, just like a little strawberry cream, hmmmmm, drooling as we speak) xox

  2. Mariella says:

    That movie with Cher, Winona Ryder and Christina Ricci was one of my favorites too!! My God, I forgot all about it…I used to love movies, and now so little time to watch anything. Good bye youth indeed, but I think I like the place where I am right now..

  3. shauna says:

    in my humble opinion your youth was NOT MISSPENT AT ALL!: you became who you are! which is someone truly awesome, experienced, real, funny and full of fun anecdotes and memories from the 90s + early 2000s! (featuring amongst others, *US*) 😉 xx

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